About Blinman

Where is Blinman?

Blinman is located at the northern section of the Flinders Ranges National Park, 520km driving distance from Adelaide, South Australia. The town is centrally located in the Flinders Ranges east of the Heysen Range. Day trips to Parachilna, Leigh Creek, Wilpena Pound and Arkaba Station are an easy drive.

Blinman's Weather

Blinman is 610 metres above sea level. Blinman's winter days are warm and nights cold. In summer days are hot, nights cool. Weatherwise, Blinman is a perfect all-year-round destination.

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History of Blinman

The township of Blinman was surveyed in 1864 following the discovery of copper in 1859 by shepherd Robert 'Pegleg' Blinman. At the height of the mining industry the population numbered 1,500 to 2,000. Blinman's population now numbers less than 25. The mine closed in 1918 after producing 10,000 tonnes of copper. It has reopened as a tourist destination with underground guided tours.

Flinders Ranges

Scenery in the Flinders Ranges is extraordinary, especially during spring when the wildflowers are blooming. The landscape is one of the best Outback Australia has to offer. It is nothing short of spectacular. Bush walking is a popular tourist activity, as is exploring the area by car or 4WD.

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Blinman Town View From Top Of Old Mine
Blinman Mine Tour Audit
Salvation Jane Wild Flower
White Cockatoos
Yellow Footed Rock Wallabys


  • Take a guided tour through the Blinman Mine.
  • Enjoy an Aboriginal cultural tour at Iga Warta Wilpena Pound is 56 kms south of Blinman, a natural ampitheatre 16kms long by 6km wide.
  • Visit Blinman pools (waterfalls).
  • Walk part of the Heysen walking trail or ride the Mawson bike trail.
  • The Parachilna Ediacaran fossil beds are found throughout the Northern Flinders.
  • Drive to Artimore (an abandoned homestead), Mt Patawarta (a good climb) to a spectacular view, Nuccaleena (old mining ruins), Parachilna Gorge, and Sliding Rock (mining ruins).
  • Visit the famous Prairie Hotel, the old railway township of Beltana, Aroona Dam, Leigh Creek town and Chambers Gorge with Aboriginal rock carvings.
  • Climb St Mary Peak.
  • Walk or drive sections of Brachina and Bunyeroo Gorges, the Aroona Valley and Glass Gorge.
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